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Kelly Moore

Kelly Moore, MSW, LSCSW, LCSW


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Yrs. in Practice: 5+

School: University of Kansas Year Graduated: 2012 License Numbers : 4470 LSCSW KS; 2107004749 LSCW MO

Trauma-informed Care Anxiety, Depression, Personality and Thought Disorders, ASD, ADHD Children and Adolescents 11+; Adults, Couples/Families

Kelly believes that all people possess the potential to live full and functional lives no matter their cultural origin, religion/spiritual focus, sexual orientation, gender, race, IQ, body type, education. Her passion to help her clients find that potential is a major strength of her practice.

Kelly understands that while human struggle is normal and being alive includes both joy and suffering, people do not have to remain stuck in their struggle.

Positive change IS possible for every person.  She uses relevant clinical insight, client support and accountability, evidence-based methods, and faith in clients’ treatment.  Her practice integrates research on the brain and how it works, the mind/body connection, attachment and connection, and trauma using various therapeutic methods.  She helps clients by focusing on self-awareness and mindfulness, authenticity, acceptance, distress tolerance, and manifesting clients’ commitment to change based on their values and sensibilities and supporting them to live their best, most enriched lives. 

Kelly initially began practicing with children and their caregivers who have experienced extensive trauma. She now serves individuals, families, and couples who may have experienced trauma leading to current struggles, or who are simply stuck in cycles of anxiety, depression, or life dissatisfaction. They may “have tried everything” and still cannot find their peace. 

People want good in their lives though sometimes that good is hard to find, define, and even believe exists. Kelly successfully supports struggling clients experiencing a wide variety of life circumstances, experiences, and diagnoses and she works toward helping them find that hopefulness and peace.  Kelly searches for grace and gratitude in every encounter and finds privilege in supporting each client.



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