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Amend is a unique clinic in Kansas City. As neurotherapists, we incorporate an understanding of the brain in all the work we do. Utilizing neurofeedback, we help the brain learn more efficient ways of operating. But we don’t simply focus on neurofeedback. We blend a number of therapeutic approaches together depending on client need. We also collaborate with professionals throughout Kansas City to provide our clients with the very best services…even if those services don’t end up being with us.

Our mission at Amend Neurocounseling, is to work with and provide professional guidance to our clients; help them resolve challenges; give them tools to succeed independently and interdependently; and support their efforts in a life-giving space.



Cindy’s primary focus is to provide an atmosphere of safety, respect, and full acceptance. The best part of her job is reminding individuals of their inherent value – no matter who they are or where they come from. To the degree that people recognize their value, they give themselves permission to grow which then empowers them to make the changes that invite healing on many different levels.


ABOUT Neurofeedback

Neurofeedback is a painless and powerful tool that helps the brain learn how to regulate itself. We work to help the brain rewire itself by creating new pathways through neurofeedback. Neurofeedback acts as a mirror, showing the brain how it is operating so that, through practice, it can operate differently. Think of it as physical therapy for your brain, children and adults transforming lives and relationships as people learn to change their brains.

The results of neurofeedback can be life-altering. We feel blessed to be a part of that solution for our community every day.

Therapy Re-imagined

Kansas City Therapy

Many people have tried traditional talk therapy and marriage counseling before but found it didn’t lead to the results or lasting change they had hoped. Sometimes the missing piece is simply how the brain is processing and reacting. When appropriate, neurofeedback is coupled with talk therapy to provide an advantage to therapy alone. Psychotherapy and neurofeedback therapy coupled can provide strong, lasting results unobtainable by a single therapy. Few clinics in the Kansas City area are able to offer both neurofeedback and talk therapy with the same therapist. The client/therapist relationship is powerful.

At Amend we are most passionate about this relationship.

That is why we are here and what makes our clinicians unique. We are also aware of the effect of body systems on the brain. Our therapists teach mindfulness, guided meditation, breathing techniques and Splankna, in combating anxiety, trauma, and stress. When necessary, we refer out to the appropriate professionals in Kansas City and beyond when underlying issues are suspected contributing factors.

At Amend, our goal is to help every person remove the obstacles that keep them from being who they were made to be.
— Susan Dunaway, Partner, Amend Neurocounseling