Is neurofeedback expensive?

Believe it or not, neurofeedback used to be covered. Then, cue intense music, Ritalin came on the scene and two things happened: First, people loved the idea of a “quick fix” with medicine and second, there was a huge push by Big Pharma to move neurofeedback to “experimental”. There are focused efforts trying to get it covered but we can’t predict if it ever will be. 

We know there are no guarantees but you might consider the cost of having something like ADHD over a lifetime and compare it to the cost of neurofeedback treatment

another way to look at iT

Imagine we train you or your child and get to a resolution or vast reduction in symptoms. Imagine what that would look like, what that would mean for your life going forward. Now, imagine we offered to return all your payments in full but we gave back all the symptoms. Would you take the money? Sometimes its in the way you look at it.


We want to be paid for services that are invaluable to you and your family. We only ask that you pay for a group of trainings in the beginning so we know you are committed to giving it a fair shot. After that, if at any time you don’t feel like this is getting you where you need to go we can stop treatments and explore other options both in and outside of our clinic. We want your best, even if it is not with us, and we will help you find it.

Here Is How We Get Started.

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