Overland Park Therapy for Individuals

At Amend we view individual therapy as a journey that is sacred and specific to each person who walks through our door. Therapy becomes what you need it to be.  We value collaborating, supporting, and equipping you, whether you come in with one specific goal in mind or in response to a crisis. We are here for you during life’s most difficult moments.

Therapy is most beneficial when you take a proactive role in the treatment, rather than just looking for a quick cure. 

That is why you will have a proactive voice and responsibility in your treatment.  People can make great personal progress during seasons of calm.  We love being part of your journey as well; helping equip you to have the life you want.

Whether in times of chaos or quiet, we work relationally with you, striving to understand both your past as well as present story for best results. Together, we work with you every step of the way.  When appropriate, we also help by putting you in touch with other exceptional care professionals who will work with us to strengthen your treatment.

Individual therapy at Amend is personalized in every sense of the word.

It involves you as a unique and whole person and is tailored to your goals and needs in a safe, serene atmosphere.